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The Society was formed in 1966 by a few railwaymen with a common interest in amateur radio. The Society has continued to grow with the present membership currently around 70. We are part of a much larger organisation called FIRAC. The Federation International Radio Amateur Cheminot, was founded in Hamburg in 1964 and currently the membership worldwide is around 2500 from 23 countries.

The aim of both organisations is to promote friendship amongst people who have a common interest in both railways and radio. With this in mind, each year one of the member countries hosts the International Congress where members meet up and put a face to the voice. Additionally BRARS holds a Spring Meeting in a different part of this country each spring. This allows the members to relax in an informal manner with their wives and families. Sightseeing tours are arranged at the selected venue.

The Society a produces a quarterly newsletter

Our Newsletter is published several times a year depending on content and is sent by post to our members to keep them informed of forthcoming activities in both our own Society and FIRAC. The newsletter carries stories sent in by members and is the vital link for SWLs.

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Home Page - History - Nets - Contacts - Gallery - Links - NewsMembership

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