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6ZZ centenary
On 5th July 1924 amateur radio station 6ZZ was established on a train travelling from King's Cross to Newcastle-on-Tyne to test if two-way communication could be established between an amateur radio station on a moving train and amateur radio stations at fixed locations. The test was successful; 6ZZ made several QSOs with fixed amateur radio stations.
We are inviting BRARS members to join in the celebration of this centenary by operating GX4LMR during 5th-14th July inclusive.
There's more information in April's Rails and Radio. To book an operating slot please contact us via email to
Our operating schedule is on our page.
{Item updated on 13th June 2024 by G4EAN}

We will have a stand at the Junction 28 rally in Alfreton on Sunday 9th June. This is a very friendly rally in a pleasant venue not far from M1 J28. Do come and have a chat.
We will be sharing the stand with our friends at the
Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association.
For information about this rally please visit
SNADARC Junction 28 rally
{Item updated on 16th March 2024 by G4EAN}

RAILS and RADIO - The BRARS magazine
Rails & Radio magazine front cover April 2024

The April  2024 issue of Rails and Radio went to our printers on Monday 20th May. We apologise for the delay which was due to problems with one of our computers.

We are grateful to everyone who sent in articles for the magazine.

We will happily accept articles at any time. The deadline for the July issue is 14th June. Articles received after this date are likely to be held over to our October issue.
Please send items for Rails and Radio to our editors.

Our aim is to publish Rails and Radio every quarter. Rails and Radio depends on members for its contents.

{Item updated on Monday 20th May 2024 by G4EAN}

Please visit the  BARAC web site  for information about ROTA.
If you plan to take part in ROTA this year then please let our editors know.

{Item updated on 19th January 2024 by G4EAN} 

AGM 2023
Our AGM was held on Tuesday 24th October via the Internet.
Subs were set at 10. The 2022/23 committee will continue for 2023/24.
An informal report is in the January issue of Rails and Radio.
{Item updated on Friday 19th 2024 by G4EAN} 

We are on Facbook and X. Details are on our Links page.
{Item posted on 19th January 2024 by G4EAN}


We have no plans for a Spring Meeting this year.
{Item updated on 19th January 2024 by G4EAN}

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