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Please send news items to Ian G4EAN.

Mark G1PIE is putting GB0LMR on the air to celebrate the 55th anniversary of BRARS. He tells us that:
"the station will be operated by me from Preston in Lancashire. Bands of operation will be 40M to 10M in SSB. QSL cards are via the RSGB bureau or direct with SAE to Pam 2E1HQY".
There is more information about GB0LMR on our Facebook pages.

{Item posted on 30th August 2021 by G4EAN}

AGM 2021
The committee is discussing the likelihood of holding a face-to-face AGM this year.
{Item posted on 16th June 2021 by G4EAN}

We now have a Twitter account, created and managed by Mark G1PIE. You will find it at
{Item posted on 10th January 2021 by G4EAN}


Subs for 2021 are now due. Full details of our subs and how to pay them are on our Membership page. If you pay your subs by cheque or bank transfer then please make sure that you pay your subs to the correct account name.
{Item added on 4th January 2021}

  2020 and 2021 AGMs
G4EAN writes - The COVID-19 situation meant we were unable to hold an AGM in 2020 and things do not look much better for an AGM in 2021.
I will be discussing AGM arrangements with the committee. I suspect we will hold the AGM via mailshots to all our members.
{Item updated on 4th January 2021}

RAILWAYS ON THE AIR 2020 and 2021
If you participated in the 2020 ROTA event then our Editor would welcome a report from you (it is not too late) for publication in our newsletter.
Details of Railways On The Air are on the BARAC web site which (as at 4th January) says that "Our plan for 2021 is to run it on 25th and 26th  September". We wish them well and we hope that their plans come to fruition.
{Item updated on 4th January 2021}

  SPRING MEETING 2020 and 2021
G4EAN writes - Geoff G4GNQ (our President) and Coral (our Editor)  decided that, because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there would not be a Spring Meeting in 2020.  Although no decision has been made about a Spring meeting this year I personally doubt that we will run one.
{Item updated on 4th January 2021}

As you may already have seen, COVID-19 is affecting rallies in 2021.
National Hamfest 2021 - In early June it was announced that this event will not be held this year (see RadCom July pages 8 and 95).
{Item updated on 16th June 2021}

We are pleased to announce that Mark G1PIE has been co-opted onto the committee and becomes our facebook manager. Mark is well-known for his on-the-air activities.
John G4ZTQ has stood down from our committee. He has been on our committee for some years. We are grateful that he was willing to serve on our committee, we thank him for his work for BRARS and we wish him well for the future.
Stuart G0FYX takes on the role of R&R author. This is not an exclusive role; articles from any member will be welcomed by our editor.

RAILS & RADIO - The BRARS magazine

Rails & Radio magazine -  September 2020 image

The latest issue is the May 2021 issue. Of special note is the editor's appeal for more articles from our members.

G4EAN's copy arrived around 9th June.

As usual, our editor will be delighted to receive articles for the next issue. Our magazine depends on our members for all its contents.

{Item posted on 16th June 2021 by G4EAN}

BRARS is on Facebook
 We have a Facebook page. Please visit it and let us know what you think.

You have a choice of Standard Facebook page and Mobile Facebook page.

{Item updated on 30th August 2021 by G4EAN}

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